3 tips to spice up your dialogue

Dialogue is critical. It’s not necessary, but in stories where it’s present, it needs to flow and keep the story going. That can be hard though. Small talk keeps the story still. Sometimes dialogue can feel like an info dump. So, how do we keep it interesting?


Give every character a goal—usually a different one—for each conversation. Even if the goal is “I want out of this conversation” or “I need to stall this person for as long as possible.” Whether they reach that goal or not can spice up the story.


Most of the time for me, this means sarcasm. But perhaps your character talks in third person or always brings the conversation back to salamanders. Bring out your character’s personality.


Not every character will get along. People are not always going to agree, so neither should our characters. This can set up barriers that block them from achieving their goals or change their mood.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions or anything you’d like to add, leave a comment down below!

This was originally posted on my writing blog.

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