Good vs bad adverbs

I’ve talked before about how writers should use adverbs sparingly. But I haven’t talked about good vs bad adverbs. Bad adverbs are like smiled happily. Or fiercely killed him. Or softly whispered. Readers can already tell she’s happy because she’s smiling. Killing someone is already fierce, and whispering is already soft. These adverbs don’t add much … More Good vs bad adverbs

What’s the difference between the levels of editing?

All the different editing stages can get confusing. So, here’s a breakdown: Developmental Editing This focuses on your book’s big picture, including: Chapter organization Characterization Dialogue Ending Inconsistencies Pacing Plot holes POV Structure Themes Voice Since this stage helps bigger items, it doesn’t usually do much sentence-level wise. Instead, it helps develop your story, making … More What’s the difference between the levels of editing?