A Copyediting Example

Copyediting might be my favorite type of edit to do. It looks a bit messy (as you’ll see below), but it’s fun to bring a world to life. I love digging deep into a story, suggesting upgraded verbs, keeping consistency, etc. It’s all to help readers fall in love with your story and stay captivated by your words.

The pictures below are interactive to see what copyediting looks like beforehand and afterward in Microsoft Word. This is a sci-fi example, taken place in a video game.

As shown above, I set up my comments like a conversation. I usually add an example or a reason for why I changed what I did. Those comments are also where I love to add compliments. If I’m rooting for your MC or if your story made me laugh, you’ll hear about it!

Here are some copyediting testimonials:

It was a pleasure working with Robin LeeAnn throughout the entire process. She responded quickly to all my communications, dealt with my concerns in a way that allowed me to see what she was doing and gave very good feedback and guidance to keep me on the right track for my own goals. I would definitely work with her again, and I give her the highest rating that I can provide. Thank you Robin LeeAnn.

— Duane Clancy

It was an absolute pleasure working with Robin on copy edits of my ~65k word manuscript. Fast and professional, her edits were spot on in their ability to make a scene more concise, develop the characters more quickly, and improve tempo. She didn’t shy from pointing out words, sentences, paragraphs or even concepts that didn’t belong. I also appreciate her margin notes, providing me insight into her own thoughts as she progressed through the manuscript and let me decide whether to accept or adjust the edits if I had questions.

— Sam Markert

Robin was easy to work with and very informative as this was my first book and I had lots of question. She exceeded her projected ready time and her editing work was through and complete. I would use her editing services again and recommend her to others.

— Rick Williams
Low lights illuminate the back half of a bookstore. A full bookshelf that fills an entire wall and stretches onward is on the left.

Let’s turn your book into a beautiful wonder.