Edited Books

It was an absolute pleasure working with Robin again. Her exceptional sharp eye and insightful edits on my first manuscript is the reason I asked if she would be willing to complete the final proofread.

Sam Bradbury, February 2022

Restoration made Shelf Media Group’s 2022 Top Notable Indies!

A white book cover that has a faint almost tea-stain like tree in the background. The title "Restoration" is in the center, being blown away. Says "Sam Bradbury" at the bottom.
Says "Year Zero Revolution's Children Trilogy One" at the top. Has a watchtower and a gated area below it. At the bottom, it says "David Dean Lugo."

What can I say about the work Robin did for me? Wow! Her comments are thoroughly explained, and she is both encouraging and supportive. I really feel like she connected with my work and was sensitive to my message and my voice. I know my book is immeasurably better because of her sure hand and seeming encyclopedic knowledge of the rules of writing and when to break those rules. Thank you so much, Robin. I can’t wait to work with you again on the next one.

David Dean Lugo, April 2022

Seaside Magic Series

Seaside Magic won first place in YA Fantasy at The BookFest, was a runner-up in YA at the Paris Book Festival, and was a runner-up in YA at the New York Book Festival.

She is the BEST!!! She is my editor for all of my work, and I will keep working with her as long as it’s possible.

Vianlix-Christine Schneider, January 2022
Has a dark purple background. Says "Seaside Magic" in white at the top. A golden mirror with a reflected blue royal castle is in the center. A banner underneath says "The World of the Mirror." At the bottom, it says "Vianlix-Christine Schneider."

Robin was the perfect match for editing my novel. Her level of professionalism made me feel comfortable with putting my work in her hands. She offered to do a sample edit, which I was thankful for because that made me feel like she understood this is a big decision to make.

Her edits made my book clearer, easier to read, and eliminated phrases or sections that didn’t add to the story. After going through her edits, I can 100% say that when I write my next book, it will be SO much better because of what I learned from Robin.

She is trustworthy and did everything on time, and I’m so happy I decided to work with her!

— Keira Jacobs, September 2022
This book cover has a fairy-tale feel. Says "The Testimony of Bendigo Fletcher" in gold in the middle with many gold-like embroidery around it. Says "Keira F. Jacobs" at the top.
Has an anime-like woman with black hair in the center. Two other woman are shaded blue and look transparent, one on each side of the anime-like woman. Says "Justice Valkyrie Reiko" at the top and "Tate Bunce" at the bottom.

Outstanding! The communication was clear, and the editing was professional! Robin was certainly the best choice for a beginning author like me.

Tate Bunce, December 2021

The Ancient Ones Series

Robin was great! Not only were her edits great, but she did them in a way that showed me why something was done, so I could improve my writing in the future. She also seemed to really care about the story, instead of just seeing it as another job.

— Tim Jenkins, April 2022
Says "To Dream of Destiny" at the top and "Timothy Jenkins" at the bottom. In the middle is an eyeball that shows the reflection of an orange desert-like area.
The background is of green plains with dirt roads between, what looks like a country's border. Says "Across the Border" across the front with wires along the title. Says "Scott Schuff & Jim Bullard" at the bottom.

I am so impressed with Robin and how she helped me with my book. Her proofreading skills are beyond kind words. She kept me in the loop with progress, and her changes will make the book phenomenal. Thanks so much Robin.

Scott Schuff, October 2021

Robin is amazing! She helped me understand the problems in my manuscript and gave lots of advice and detailed examples of how to make my story better. Robin was very helpful and patient. I hope to use her services again with my next book, and I would highly recommend her.

Kristijonas Kaikaris, August 2022
A puddle takes up the front cover. Empty shoes are at the edge of the puddle, but a person's shadowy reflection is shown across the puddle. Says "The world will never be the same again..." at the top. At the bottom, it says "Kris T. Jonas" and "Rosemary."
Thick, tall trees reach over a walkway. Their leaves are mostly a golden yellow brown. Many leaves have fallen along the path between the trees. Says "Letting The House Go" and "Robert Crooke."

Robin LeeAnn is a smart, insightful, and creative literary editor. I really can’t thank her enough for her work on the manuscript of my latest novel. Robin helped clarify and intensify the emotional impact inherent in my story with editing that improved the way in which this emotional intensity is revealed. So, I’m in her debt. Her careful and sophisticated editing has brought my little book to its highest level of quality and best form.

Robert Crooke, February 2021

Robin was easy to work with and very informative as this was my first book, and I had lots of questions. She exceeded her projected ready time, and her editing work was thorough and complete. I would use her editing services again and recommend her to others.

Rick Williams, July 2021
The background has a worn yellow color that's lighter in the center and darker around the edges. In the middle says "Secret of the Bluebonnet. The Legendary Love Story That Created a Flower." Below has a drawn bluebonnet with a single red tear on the left. Underneath says "Rick W. Williams."

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