Editing Specialties

A purple book with a planet with rings and a spaceship on it. Has black diamonds like stars.

Science Fiction

A book with a light blue border. A white sword with a light blue handle is in the middle.


A round globe in the middle like what a fortune teller would use. Little black diamonds are around it to represent the magic.


A light blue book has a white text bubble in the middle that also some black lines to represent words.

Contemporary Fiction

A darkened photo with one bookshelf in the background. In the middle, books are stacked on their side. On both sides of that stack, books are stood upright and fill up the whole shelf.


A red and dark gray baby dragon hatching from a cracked, beige egg.
  • Diverse characters (LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, disabled, neurodivergent, mental illness, etc.)
  • Found family
  • Gaming/anime
  • Male/female friendship
  • Mythology
  • Questionable heroes
  • Unique magic systems

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