My Editorial Process

Every editor works differently. Here’s a breakdown of how I edit, so you can get a sense for how I will take care of your story.

  • The Discussion Forms

    Tell me about your book. Who are your favorite characters? What chapters or sections do you think need more work than others? Let me know if you want me to focus on something specific.

    If you have any questions, ask away! I’m here to help.

    I will also do a sample edit, so you can get a sense of my editorial style. Please put the sample in manuscript format. This is free with no strings attached.

    A beige egg with no cracks.
  • The Agreement is Signed

    If we decide to move forward, we will sign an agreement. I will also evaluate your sample pages and give a fair project fee based on the industry’s standards published by the EFA. (For 2023, project fees are based on a $35 hourly rate.) There is a 20% booking deposit to secure a spot in my schedule.

    If money is tight, we can set up a payment plan.

  • The Editing Cracks

    I’ll do my editing magic. I use Track Changes in Microsoft Word, so you can see my every move. I’ll leave questions, comments, and compliments in bubbles off to the side.

    You can send me any questions if they come up. I’m always here to talk whether it’s over editing, the publishing process, marketing, etc.

    A beige egg with cracks stretching across its surface.
  • The Book Hatches

    I’ll send an invoice first. After a payment is received, I’ll email the edited manuscript over. You may accept or reject my edits as you see fit.

    If you have questions over any of my edits, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help!

    A red and dark gray baby dragon hatching from a cracked, beige egg.

Robin is beyond fantastic. Not only was she very prompt in meeting deadlines, but the quality of her work was also beyond anything I could have hoped for for my manuscript. She pointed out my weak points while praising my strengths. She gave it the consistency it lacked and polished it to perfection. I am beyond pleased and will definitely be returning with the subsequent books in my series. If you are looking for an editor, Robin is incredible, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

LaRae Ivy

Let’s turn your book into a beautiful wonder.