A Proofreading Example

Proofreading is a delicate and relaxing process. I feel more like a reader getting a sneak peek to a mythical world. If you’ve seen the copyediting example, you’ll notice how not many edits are on the page here. Proofreading is more about making sure there are no glaring errors that will take a reader out of your story.

The pictures below are interactive to see what proofreading looks like beforehand and afterward in Microsoft Word. This is a contemporary fiction example.

As shown above, I don’t explain my edits as much since most of them are for grammatical purposes. I also will add in compliments. If I’m rooting for your MC or if your story made me laugh, you’ll hear about it!

Here are some proofreading testimonials:

I am so impressed with Robin and how she helped me with my book. Her proofreading skills are beyond kind words. She kept me in the loop with progress and her changes will make the book phenomenal. Thx so much Robin

— Scott Schuff

Robin is insightful, thorough, and kind. I enjoyed a wonderful experience working with her. For me, it was transformational. I was blind to a major flaw, and some smaller ones. Robin went above and beyond in assisting me with my manuscripts. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

— Kevin Quilligan
Low lights illuminate the back half of a bookstore. A full bookshelf that fills an entire wall and stretches onward is on the left.

Let’s turn your book into a beautiful wonder.