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Common Writer Mistakes #1

Common Writer Mistakes is a series where I talk through some common mistakes I see writers (even myself) make.

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Common Writer Mistakes #8

#8 — The Words Feel and Felt No matter what POV you write in, you’re going to come across the words feel or felt at some point. When I edit novels or when I edit my own work, I find a lot of feels and felts. These words are sometimes glossed over without realizing the potential that could be brought to your … More Common Writer Mistakes #8

3 tips on writing characters

Creating strong characters is hard but important for readers to stay immersed in the story. Here are three main tips to help write characters: SHOW THE ADJECTIVES Instead of saying, “Josalyn is caring,” show how she’s caring. Does she take care of a child? Is she always there for others? Does she risk herself to … More 3 tips on writing characters

Common Writer Mistakes #7

#7 — Not Developing Characters I’m sure we’ve all come across a character in a book who we didn’t feel anything toward much. We weren’t worried for the character’s well-being. Which doesn’t help us want to continue reading. It can take many drafts to get into a character’s head and develop them on the page. Some characters … More Common Writer Mistakes #7

6 common query mistakes

Years ago at my internship, I got to see what was in the bottom drawer: rejected queries. For over an hour, I read query after query. The rejected queries all had repeated mistakes. Here are some of the most common ones: Misspellings One writer wrote aknolegments instead of acknowledgements. Spelling, especially in the writing career, … More 6 common query mistakes


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