Tips from a literary agent reviewing query letters

I attended a Reedsy livestream that featured a literary agent. I decided to take what I learned and share it with y’all. Hope you enjoy! HOW TO START YOUR QUERY If you are a debut author, he suggested going straight into talking about your book. (About 85-90% start with their book’s plot.) Anything that is a … More Tips from a literary agent reviewing query letters

Good vs bad adverbs

I’ve talked before about how writers should use adverbs sparingly. But I haven’t talked about good vs bad adverbs. Bad adverbs are like smiled happily. Or fiercely killed him. Or softly whispered. Readers can already tell she’s happy because she’s smiling. Killing someone is already fierce, and whispering is already soft. These adverbs don’t add much … More Good vs bad adverbs